Monday, May 11, 2009

Getting Started with the CEA Widgets is Easy!

From the very outset of the CEA project, the development team has focused on providing a top-notch out-of-the-box experience; as a result, installing, configuring, and exploring the feature pack is quick and easy. The beta library materials provide complete setup instructions, but we would like to highlight the basic steps here today.
  1. Download and install the new IBM Installation Manager utility available via IBM WebSphere Application Server V 7.0 Feature Pack for Communications Enabled Applications Open Beta. Then use Installation Manager to install the CEA Feature Pack. (Installation Manager already includes the addresses of the appropriate IBM software repositories.)
  2. Create new configuration profile(s) that support CEA or augment your existing profile(s) to support CEA.
  3. Install, configure, and start the sample IP-PBX application included with CEA.
  4. Download, install, and configure two instances of a free softphone (available from several suggested vendors).
  5. Configure, install, and start the CEA PlantsByWebSphereAjax sample application (site) that includes the widgets.
After completing these steps, you can use the CEA PlantsByWebSphereAjax application to verify your setup and explore the features of the widgets. (CEA also includes samples for exploring the Web Services interfaces to the communications features.)

It's that easy...


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