Thursday, July 30, 2009

CEA FEP will be available tomorrow!

Recently, we sent out an announcement about the availability of the WebSphere Application Server Feature Pack for Communications Enabled Applications (CEA) V1.0 . I wanted to highlight some of the points in the announcement..

Planned availability date
July 31, 2009

The WebSphere Application Server family is an innovative, performance-based application foundation for building, deploying, and managing all types of applications, and for ensuring they deliver on business objectives regardless of the situation. At its core, it provides a highly-effective performance foundation for creating and implementing agile and re-useable SOA applications and services. This Smart SOA Application Foundation can help you to deliver on business objectives and contain or even reduce cost across mainframe and distributed applications and all interaction modes (for example, Web 2.0 or voice).
Only WebSphere Application Server has the three foundational attributes to enable robust and agile business applications:
  • Efficient development and management
  • Highly effective performance
  • Application innovation

The WebSphere Application Server Feature Pack for Communications Enabled Applications (CEA) V1.0 helps simplify development of innovative applications by offering an SOA-based programming model to add multimodal communications capabilities such as Click to call, Cobrowsing and Two-way Synchronized Forms, to existing and new applications using existing Java skills.
WebSphere Application Server Feature Pack for Communications Enabled Applications V1.0 is a product extension available to WebSphere Application Server V7.0 customers that:
  • Delivers an innovative programming model that simplifies the addition of communications capabilities into existing and new applications by leveraging existing Java skills
  • Provides Web services and REST services-based APIs which enable a richer user experience and increases user interaction effectiveness
  • Delivers customizable and extensible multi-modal communications widgets: Click to call, Contact Center Cobrowsing, peer-to-peer Cobrowsing and Two-way Synchronized Forms
  • Provides a unit test environment to prototype and test applications without the need to access the corporate Telephony/Unified Communications network
  • Provides third party Telephony/Unified Communications support and an on-ramp to CEBP (communications enabled business process) solutions
  • Supports the latest Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Servlet 1.1 standard (JSR 289)

Telephony interoperability -- Tested with leading Telephony/Unified Communications solutions:
  • Avaya Communication Manager
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager

We were so excited to have gotten this release out the door and into our customer's hands. The entire team did a great job innovating throughout this product and we did a significant amount of test against the platform even testing against Cisco and Avaya infrastructures. We plan to have more information on our testing and usage of the product now that we are generally available but go on and download the feature pack and try it out for yourself!


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