Friday, May 15, 2009

Extending the CEA Cobrowsing feature

The widgets in our Communications Enabled Applications Feature Pack are very extendable. When we first created it, we thought of many ways to extend those widgets. Below is one example I have...

In that video, I talked about adding basic instant messaging to the cobrowsing window. Inserted in that interview was a recorded usage of our WebSphere Commerce sample we showed at Impact where our WebSphere Commerce team integrated the CEA cobrowsing functionality into their sample store and then extended the cobrowsing Web 2.0 widget with instant messaging support. For a javascript developer, adding this function on top of our existing cobrowsing function would take just a couple of days.

Over time on our blog here we plan to post descriptions and sample code as to how you would do these sorts of extensions to help further a rich communications experience over multiple modalities. For now, if you have some great ideas on what else we could be adding into the cobrowsing scenario please comment here, tweet @burckart, or send me an email to ejburcka at us dot ibm dot com. We will consider these for future blogs or releases!


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